February 2012

Sweet Potato Vegetable Soup with Ginger, Cilantro, Coconut & Lime

February 29, 2012 Dairy free

sweet potato vegetable soup with cilantro lime oil chopped cilantro and flaked coconut garnishes

Based on vegetable stock and packed full of other vegetables like leeks, onions, and carrots. this sweet potato soup is enhanced with a whole variety of flavors from roasted garlic to cilantro to lime juice, curry powder, and jalapeno. Includes four garnishes.

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Vegetable Stock

February 24, 2012 All Year

ingredients for vegetable stock

A base of this richly flavorful stock makes vegetarian soup, stew, or stuffing shine. It’s made with carrots, celery, leeks, onions, parsley, thyme, potato peels, garlic cloves, bay leaves and peppercorns.

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How to Cut and Clean Leeks

February 22, 2012 Vegetarian Basic Cooking Techniques

whole leeks

Yet another thing I learned from the The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: how to cut and clean leeks. Leeks have a very mild flavor compared to a regular onion and make a great soup or stock. A leek looks like a giant overgrown scallion. The white portion is what’s commonly eaten. To encourage that portion of [...]

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Chipotle Dip (silken tofu-based)

February 22, 2012 All Year

chipotle dipping sauce  with silken soft tofu

Dead simple, nutritious, and good. Make this silken tofu-based chipotle dip the next time you need a good dip for raw veggies or fries, or want something different spread on your sandwich.

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The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health

February 22, 2012 Fitness

I’ve giving you lots of healthy recipes lately, but you can’t eat your way to fitness. What one lifestyle factor makes the biggest difference to your health? I think you can guess, but check out this entertaining and informative cartoon-style video from Canadian public health and family medicine Dr. Mike Evans:  

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Vegan Red Kidney Bean Chili

February 19, 2012 All Year

Vegan Kidney Bean Chili (2)

Vegetarian red kidney bean chili, tomato-rich and full of hearty spices. Make the moderately spicy version or add a few jalapeno peppers and a pinch of cayenne to fire up the true heat-lovers.

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

February 17, 2012 Fall

baked sweet potato fries with roasted red pepper aoli

A healthy recipe for baked sweet potato fries, made with either with a little olive oil or two egg whites. Tips for making them crisper and keeping the ends from burning.

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Roasted Red Pepper Aoli (silken tofu-based)

February 17, 2012 All Year

roasted red pepper aoli

Fast, good, nutritious, and very low calorie- it’s hard to beat this silken-tofu based roasted red pepper aoli dip. Make some for your next party for dipping raw veggies, or use it with sweet potato fries or in a sandwich or burger.

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Baked Apples

February 16, 2012 Dairy free

cored Pink Lady appples

Apples stuffed with walnuts and raisins, spiced, drizzled with maple syrup, baked. A healthy fall and winter classic. Plus a coring tip to keep the apples from drying out.

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Vegetarian Green Lentil Soup

February 12, 2012 Dairy free

lentil soup

Inexpensive, filling, and good, this vegetarian green lentil soup takes many variations. All will warm you on a gray winter’s day.

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Chard, Kale and Fennel Salad with Wild Rice (Emerald City Salad)

February 10, 2012 Dairy free

Chard, Kale, and Fennel Salad with Wild Rice (Emerald City Salad) (1)

Chard, kale, fennel, parsley and scallion, tossed with wild rice, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. make a hearty winter dinner salad good enough for a teenager to eat.

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Freezing Chipotle Chilies in Adobo Sauce

February 8, 2012 Vegetarian Basic Cooking Techniques

chipotle chilis on parchment paper

How to extend the shelf life of chipotle chilis in adobo sauce by freezing them individually.

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Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Pain) and Weak Hips

February 8, 2012 Figure skating

Patellofemoral pain: an overuse injury that can be aggravated by weak hip muscles.

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Bibb, Roasted Beet, and Radicchio Salad with Hazelnuts

February 4, 2012 Recipes

Bibb salad with roasted beet. radicchio, and hazelnuts (1)

A beautiful pink, red, and green salad with sweet roasted beets, radicchio, and hazelnuts with Bibb and red leaf lettuce. I’ll show you how to make the radicchio mild, not bitter.

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Taking the Bite out of Radicchio

February 3, 2012 Dairy free

radicchio (1)

Enjoy the beauty of red radicchio in a salad without the bitter taste. Here’s how to tame the flavor.

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Roasted Beets with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil

February 1, 2012 Dairy free

roasted beets with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (2)

A simple but satisfying dish: roasted beets with extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt.

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