Papaya pomegranate salad
Recipe type: salad
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
Full of color and nutrition, this is a perfect fruit salad for winter
  • 1 papaya about 2# (I prefer the taste of Caribbean red papaya)
  • seeds of ½ jumbo pomegranate
  1. Pare skin off of papaya, getting down to the bright orange layer. The paler flesh just under the green skin is bitter. Cut papaya in half, scoop out seeds, dice papaya flesh.
  2. Remove arils (seeds) from pomegranate according to your preferred method. I cut the pomegranate partway and then rip it in half, pry the half into sections, and then pick out the seeds. I pry it apart mostly by hand to minimize cutting damage to the arils from cutting the pomegranate open.
  3. Combine papaya cubes with pomegranate arils.
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