Thanksgiving foods- tradition or change?

by Mary on November 23, 2011


vegetarian gravy in a white serving bowl

vegetarian gravy

What do you really want to make and eat on Thanksgiving? Do you have a choice? Are you obligated to make certain foods, or sit down to a meal prepared by other people?

My situation is in the middle. My family is stuck on certain entrees that I make— vegetarian ones, but still modeled after the traditional Thanksgiving meal. We’ll be going to a potluck Thanksgiving, so my dishes will be blending in with an assortment of everyone else’s favorites.

I’ve found that Thanksgiving recipes can change over time- but it takes time. It’s not worth disappointing family, for me, to leave out their favorite items or change them without warning. Sometimes it’s best for me to simply add a new item that meets my needs without changing the old one, though that does create extra work.

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