Healthy Holidays: a decent lunch in the car

by Mary on December 3, 2011


apple and hard boiled eggs on counter

Car food: apple and hard-boiled eggs

When you are out running holiday errands, it’s easy to find yourself hungry and in the car.  What do you do next? Stop for fast-food or restaurant fare? Pretty much anything you can bring along to eat will be healthier than that, and better for you than skipping the meal altogether.

I try to always have a box of some reasonably healthy bars in my car, and I keep a filled water bottle in there, too. Anything that can stay for weeks or even months in the console of my car and still be ready to eat when I need it is by definition not going to be the healthiest thing in my diet. But the best is the enemy of the good, and since packing a lunch is not always going to happen, I’m glad to have a bottle of water and a couple of bars.

Between my various food sensitivities and the junk ingredients I won’t buy, bar selection is pretty limited. Two that I can eat are Larabars (except for the varieties that have peanuts) and PomX Pomegranate Dipped in Chocolate Bars. Both have dates as their first ingredient. I pick them up at Costco or a grocery outlet.

Last week I did have time to think ahead and pack a few items, resulting in a lunch healthier than any bar. I managed to bring the snack pictured above, apple and hard-boiled eggs, along with me several times. It made a decent meal to eat while sitting in the parking lot. One day I packed dinner leftovers just as if I were bringing a work lunch from home.

For when that doesn’t happen, I’d better stay stocked up on those bars!

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Patricia December 3, 2011 at 10:58 am

If allergic to dates is there any other bar you can think of that covers it?


mary December 3, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Dates are used a lot in raw recipes and healthy cooking to give a sweet flavor without refined sugar or artificial sweetener. If I had to avoid them, I’d look for a bar with a different natural sweetener and without any hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or processed soy such as soy protein isolate. One gluten-free bar that has all these attributes and no dates, though it is definitely a processed food, is Zing Bars. Or you could buy a very dark chocolate bar and combine it with a car stash of almonds or walnuts. A chocolate bar that’s on the intense, bitter side will have less refined sugar. And it will have very few ingredients compared with most of the bars out there– always a good thing.


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