Holiday lifestyle challenges

by Mary on December 24, 2011

chocolate-covered cherries and nuts shown in bowls on a glass table

snacks sitting out where they tempt me all day

How are you doing with your lifestyle during the holidays? I’ve faced all the predictable dietary challenges this week: parties with drinks and buffets, holiday food gifts arriving, even a Costco-sized birthday cake with fluorescent yellow-orange and scarlet-red frosted flowers. Too big to fit in the fridge, it’s been sitting on the counter tempting everyone and being nibbled smaller for days.

And there’s been stress, too, flights missed, family members temporarily unaccounted for. Meanwhile, for the last five days I’ve had little exercise. Due to a strained ankle, I’ve kept my foot wrapped and resting.

The entirely predictable results? I’m at a high weight for me and feeling stressed. But I’m not giving up. The ankle’s improving, and I’m getting some low-key exercise with my guests. At first, it was just a couple of walks around the block. Today we had a┬ádecently long, if flat, walk around my neighborhood. And in the morning, the Costco cake goes into the compost. Don’t give up! Just do the best you can each day.

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