Snowstorm Blahs? Get Moving!

by Mary on January 24, 2012

Catan by Candlelight

A week sitting around my house sure reminded me how much exercise helps my mood. Granted, so does heat. And Internet. But we only lost those for one day. Perfect, really, just enough time to pare down from three people hanging out on three separate computers to one table, one candle lantern, and one game of Settlers of Catan, without getting actually cold. The togetherness without the pain.

That was fine. But after six days of virtually no exercise I was feeling pretty down. Sure, I had my reasons, but I could tell I was simply casting about for reasons to explain why I felt bad. So it was great today to get back to the ice rink and skate. Fifteen minutes of warmup in the ballet room and I was already feeling better. Close to an hour of bombing around with some skating friends and our coach, learning tricky footwork and skating an ice dance together, and I think we all felt a lot better. As I told a different coach last week for slightly different reasons, thank god for skating!

Are you feeling blah? Gotten any exercise lately? If not, I highly recommend getting your heart pumping. If you can work out with a friend, all the better. Have fun!

My non HOA approved yard birds in the ice storm

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