Figure skating

Sectionals and What I’m Working on Now

March 17, 2016 Figure skating

My skate from Sectionals and what I’m working on now.

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Time to Relax!

March 6, 2016 Figure skating

tossie food etc.

Check out tonight’s delectable chocolate turn-down service thanks to my fellow skaters! I’ve already nibbled some toffee from the stash, plus the Ibuprofin that one skater thoughtfully included. I competed this morning and have been relaxing and spectating ever since. I placed third in my group, Adult Bronze III. It’s hard for me to keep […]

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Tossies at the Ready for Sectionals!

March 4, 2016 Figure skating


Hanging in LA getting ready for Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals which starts tomorrow.

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Going to Sectionals

February 28, 2016 Figure skating

A last-minute decision to go to Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals and the attitude I’m trying to cultivate.

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My PT for core stabilization, flexibility, hip strength

January 10, 2016 Figure skating

My PT exercises for core stabilization, hip strength, and flexibility.

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What do I Want to Learn in Skating?

October 3, 2015 Figure skating

I’m contemplating my goals for the skating season. Last year in ice dance I started on the Foxtrot and Fourteenstep, which I’d like to get to test level this year. I was off the ice in July and August and have been back for a few weeks. It’s coming back, though I’m still at a […]

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Ice Theatre of New York Part III

August 14, 2015 Figure skating

Inclusions by Ice Theatre of New York

Ice Theatre of New York’s premiere of Ice:Dance 2014 in Wenatchee, WA: Part III of my report.

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2015 US Adult Championships Part II

July 12, 2015 Figure skating

My dramatic program from 2015 US Adult Championships, skated with a rose.

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2015 US Adult Championships Part I

May 20, 2015 Figure skating

US Adult Championships

My first US Adult Figure Skating Championships. The venue in Salt Lake and my bronze free skate.

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Fiesta Skate

May 3, 2015 Figure skating

Fiesta Skate photo

Skated both my programs at Fiesta Skate.

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