Figure skating

Adult Gold Moves– Passed!

June 2, 2014 Figure skating

Kim, Mary, Ty

Finally re-tested and passed my Adult Gold Moves in the Field test!

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Ten Fox Bronze Ice Dance Test

May 18, 2014 Figure skating

finishing the Ten Fox

Testing my last bronze dance, the Ten Fox.

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Break-in Progress and Testing Soon!

May 11, 2014 Figure skating

Harlicks with one set of hooks unlaced

Finishing breaking in my new skates and getting ready for two skating tests later this week, the Adult Gold Moves in the Field and the Ten Fox ice dance.

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New Harlick Skates Break-in

April 21, 2014 Figure skating

new Harlicks, first time on my feet.

They’re finally here! Picked up my new skates on Wednesday and tried them out for fifteen minutes. Within five minutes I flew over the toe-picks: not sure whether I caught a pick in the laces or just wasn’t used to the new blades. Luckily that hasn’t happened since and each day I’ve been able to [...]

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Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals: Part II

March 24, 2014 Figure skating

skating my program at Sectionals

My skate at 2014 Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals.

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Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals: Part I

March 18, 2014 Figure skating

Toyota Sports Center showing banners for the top skaters

Last minute preparations and struggles getting ready for Adult Sectionals in Ontario, CA.

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One week to Sectionals!

February 28, 2014 Figure skating

skating dress design by Kim Walker

Working on my program for Sectionals. My Achilles and P-T tendonitis are much improved.

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Skate Crisis | Tendonitis, Worn-Out Skates, and New Harlicks on the Way

February 13, 2014 Figure skating

tracing for new skates

Injured feet and the travails of choosing new figure skating boots and blades.

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A New Program for Sectionals

January 25, 2014 Figure skating


A new freestyle program for Sectionals with music by Lemon Jelly.

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Message from Coach Darin: Fighting Colon Cancer (or Better, Preventing It)

January 11, 2014 Figure skating

Coach Darin fights colon cancer with perseverance and spirit. What you can do to prevent or screen for colon cancer.

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Blogging and Skating: Work and Dreams

November 29, 2013 Figure skating

skating with a rose

Step by step in skating and blogging.

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Skate America 2013, the Free Dance Competition

October 27, 2013 Figure skating

Davis and White warming up their elements at Skate America

The free dance competition at Skate America 2013.

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Skate America 2013, the Men’s Free Competition

October 23, 2013 Figure skating

Adam Rippon preparing for a quadruple lutz

A report from the men’s long program at Skate America in Detroit.

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My first lutz in competition

September 29, 2013 Figure skating

skating an Ina Bauer (1)

My skate at the Pacific Northwest Interclub Championships.

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A Program for my Dad

July 30, 2013 Figure skating

Mary with rose

A program I skated in memory of my Dad, who passed away this spring.

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Skate for Coach Darin Hosier

July 19, 2013 Figure skating

number from Skate for Coach (1)

A beautiful ice show to benefit beloved coach Darin Hosier.

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Adult Gold Moves Test

June 29, 2013 Figure skating

ready to skate gold moves

My ‘re-try’ gold moves test.

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Gold Moves Test Morning

June 5, 2013 Figure skating

waiting for my test

Last minute corrections and practice for my gold moves test (and results).

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Skating Brackets

June 3, 2013 Figure skating

skating a bracket

Practicing brackets for my adult gold moves in the field test (with video).

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PT for Back-Related Hip Pain- Done!

June 3, 2013 Figure skating

Trying to maintain my physical therapy stretching and strengthening exercises to avoid overuse injuries and back pain.

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Willow Waltz Bronze Ice Dance Test

May 26, 2013 Figure skating

two skaters dressed in black ice dancing together

Testing the Willow Waltz (video) and working on some other skating projects.

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My skate at Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals

March 15, 2013 Figure skating

skating a back spiral

Skating at my first big competition, the Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals.

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Ready for Sectionals!

March 9, 2013 Figure skating

In Pasadena for the Pacific Coast Adult Skating Sectionals.

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Training with Hip Pain | My New PT Routine

February 23, 2013 Figure skating

A new physical therapy and massage routine to take care of pain to the back of the hip.

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With a bit of churn, signed up to skate Pacific Coast Sectionals

February 8, 2013 Figure skating

skating dresses

After some ups and downs, getting registered for a big skating event.

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Bronze Ice Dance Test | Hickory Hoedown

January 12, 2013 Figure skating

at the end of the ice dance test

Testing my first bronze ice dance, the Hickory Hoedown.

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Holiday Attitude Check | Keeping the Holidays Positive

November 28, 2012 Figure skating

Mary doing a scratch spin

Taking a minute here and there to find the joy in some holiday activities. Sometimes it takes me a while– even with activities that I signed up for.

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Skating the Fiesta Tango

November 17, 2012 Figure skating

skating the Fiesta Tango with my ice dance coach

Passing the third and last pre-bronze ice dance, the Fiesta Tango.

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Landed my first lutz!

August 26, 2012 Figure skating

toe loop

Working on my newest jump, the lutz. Got it fully rotated with a one-footed landing that stayed up for the first time today.

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Summer Skating and Learning the Lutz

August 12, 2012 Figure skating

Skating at Summer Sizzle (2)

Summer skating activities, skating in a small local competition and working on my flip and lutz jumps.

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Passed my Bronze Freestyle Skating Test!

May 18, 2012 Figure skating

Taking the USFSA adult bronze freestyle test.

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First skate with my Carmen program

April 7, 2012 Figure skating

First skate of my adult bronze freestyle test program, to the intermezzo from Carmen.

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Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Pain) and Weak Hips

February 8, 2012 Figure skating

Patellofemoral pain: an overuse injury that can be aggravated by weak hip muscles.

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Ryan Bradley and other skating stars show us how it’s done

January 26, 2012 Figure skating

Ryan Bradley

Some of the world’s best skaters practicing at my local rink.

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Snowstorm Blahs? Get Moving!

January 24, 2012 Figure skating

yard birds in the ice storm

Getting back into my figure skating exercise groove after being housebound for a week.

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New Skating Music: So Excited!

January 18, 2012 Figure skating

Music for my new freestyle program: the intermezzo from between the second and third acts of Carmen. Check out Emmanuel Pahud’s sweet flute solo in his rendition of it.

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Goal-Setting Success with Process Goals

December 30, 2011 Figure skating

handwriting process goals with a pen

Process goals: a sane way to enjoy the journey. How it works for competitive athletes and for the rest of us.

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Holiday Stress-Busting: Too Busy to Not Exercise

December 18, 2011 Figure skating

Mary skating Pre-Bronze

Beating holiday stress with some heart-pumping exercise. Do it, you and your family will both be happier!

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Your favorite childhood sport: Something old, something new?

December 13, 2011 Figure skating

Picking up a childhood sport as an adult: a great way to get back into an exercise groove. Here’s how and why.

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Healthy Holidays: Built in exercise

November 22, 2011 Figure skating

Working exercise into your holiday routine: how to build it in to ensure it happens, in a fun, family-friendly way.

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