Vegetarian Menus

Kabocha Coconut Curry

November 10, 2012

Kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin), tofu, and red bell pepper in a Thai red curry coconut milk sauce.

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Greek vegetarian dinner with lagana and Greek-style hummus

May 31, 2012

Greek lagana with olives and rosemary shown on a baking pan

Some teen and young adult friendly vegetarian dinners I’ve made this week. Lagana, hummus, pita pocket sandwiches with baked falafel and tahini lemon sauce.

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Asian-Style Almond Cilantro Sesame Dressing for Stir-Fry, Noodles, or Salad

April 14, 2012

An indulgent Asian-style dressing that’s creamy with almond butter, gingered, hot, sweet and sour, and cilantro-flavored all at once. Works on noodles, in a stir-fry, or on a chopped cabbage salad.

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Quick Southwest Dinner with Black Beans, Corn, and Bell Peppers

December 31, 2011

black bean, corn, red pepper and cilantro in a blue bowl

With bell peppers, corn, and two cans of black beans, you’ll have this Southwest Beans and Corn recipe on in no time. It’s healthy, vegan, and fast.

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