New Skating Music: So Excited!

by Mary on January 18, 2012

I have beautiful new music! My husband and I heard this intermezzo from Carmen, loved it, and were struck by its possibilities for skating. It’s a quiet, inward-feeling piece that’s played between the second and third acts. It makes me feel peaceful every time I hear it, I’m sure I will love skating to it.

This is my favorite version. Pahud’s flute solo has such sweet expression and the Berlin Philharmonic carries it on seamlessly:

For skating, I had to use a version with a slightly faster tempo. Freestyle programs at my competition level aren’t allowed to run longer than a minute fifty seconds, so I had to shorten it. My husband is an excellent recording engineer and was able to cut it smoothly, but still, I regret that I had to leave out part of the flute solo and all of the clarinet solo. Once I pass to the next freestyle level I will be allowed an extra twenty seconds in my program, and I look forward to that.

I’ll spend my lessons over the next month or so choreographing a program to this, and will skate the program at a low-key competition at the end of March. When I’m ready, I’ll use the same program to test for the next freestyle level, adult bronze.

What do you have going on in your exercise? Do you have any events you’re training for or goals you hope to reach? Or are you just enjoying the moment? Let me know.

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