Getting back to your fitness routine after a break

by Mary on December 30, 2011

cell phone showing a reminder text message

reminder text from OhDon’tForget

Whatever did or didn’t happen to your dietary and fitness routine lately, it’s time to get back to it. Make an appointment with yourself. Set an alarm on your cell phone to remind yourself of your next scheduled workout.

If you’ve dropped your fitness activities for the last few weeks, you’re probably not thinking of them at all. It’s amazing how fast other seemingly indispensable activities can take their place in your life, and hard to remember how you previously even found time to work out.

But once you’ve started exercising again, you’ll slip into the routine and it will feel natural to keep going. Just get over the hump of scheduling that first exercise date with yourself.¬†And don’t hit it too hard on your first day back. Have fun!

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