Back and Making Plans

by Mary on August 24, 2018

Last Friday I skated for the first time in weeks, on freshly sharpened blades no less. Skills vanished, I tottered around cautiously. I skated again Saturday because I didn’t want my Monday lesson to be too much of a disaster. Saturday was reasonable. And Monday was fine. It’s crazy how quickly those skills come and go.

I’d been considering re-testing my moves at the Valley of the Sun Adult Skating camp next month in Chandler, Arizona. My coaches have advised me to re-test for a fresh set of eyes instead of my local judges who see my flaws day in and day out. It’s like the excitement of a new hire versus the co-worker who’s been plugging away for years, or a first date versus the partner who leaves those chinny hairs in the sink. A test session that is all adults might recalibrate expectations a bit too, even though the only way I can take this test is at the standard level. Read the article →


Sk8 to Eliminate and still working on moves

July 30, 2018 Figure skating

Skating lately: Sk8 to Eliminate Cancer and my holiday program and juvenile moves.

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New Skating Projects

June 14, 2018 Figure skating

Skating with my Ice Buds, in Sun Valley, and at the Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer.

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For the Love of Skating

May 4, 2018 Figure skating

The continuing joys of skating.

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US Adult Championships 2018

April 21, 2018 Figure skating

My experience at the 2018 US Adult Figure Skating Championships.

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Juvenile Moves Test: Retry

April 9, 2018 Figure skating

My re-try juvenile moves test.

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Six days to my Juvenile Moves test

April 1, 2018 Figure skating

Final preparation for my juvenile moves test.

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Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals 2018: Part II

March 31, 2018 Figure skating

Practice day at Toyota Sports Center and competition day at Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals in Pasadena.

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Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals 2018: Part I

March 17, 2018 Figure skating

Getting ready for Sectionals with team Gary in LA.

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Skating: Watching, Performing, Testing

February 28, 2018 Figure skating

Getting ready for Sectionals and my juvenile moves test.

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