Done with PT and Testing the Fourteenstep

by Mary on April 19, 2017

Final list of exercises from Valerie

I’ve been holding out on you guys a little bit. I’m done with my post-op PT, I had my last appointment back at the end of March. Valerie used her sweet writing and drawing skills to make me this one last menu of exercises. It will undoubtedly make me sound like a geezer, but I can’t help saying that she must be the last younger person to have such nice handwriting.

I’ve got a really great transition from PT. Valerie just started teaching an off-ice strength and conditioning class at the rink with one session for the kids and one for the adults the next hour. We had just two people the first week, four the second week. Valerie says there’s no point fighting her way home through the infamous Seattle traffic at the end of the kids’ class so she’ll hold the adult class even with a low census. Sounds good and I’m enjoying it so far. Read the article →



April 10, 2017 Breads

A lighter, sweeter adaptation of Jean Pope’s dense, dark and delicious Kavring Swedish rye bread recipe. In addition to rye, I used buckwheat, almond, and whole wheat pastry flour.

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Chocolate Raspberry Bar with Freeze-dried Raspberries

March 31, 2017 Dessert

Simple and delicious chocolate raspberry bar with freeze-dried raspberries.

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Rose Program Redux

March 30, 2017 Figure skating

My first performance in a year, skating my rose program for a small local event.

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Hip Strength Exercises for Skaters: Gluteus Medius

March 14, 2017 Figure skating

Exercises from my physical therapist for gluteus medius strength.

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Açaí Bowl

March 3, 2017 All Year

Brazilian-style açaí bowl as experienced on the North Shore of Oahu.

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February 18, 2017 Figure skating

At three months after two-level back surgery, I’m cleared for normal activities.

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Microendosopic Discectomy

February 18, 2017 Microdiscectomy and microdecompression

Details of microendoscopic discectomy and my experience to help folks facing this same decision.

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Green Velvet Smoothie

February 17, 2017 smoothies

My home version of the Green Velvet smoothie from Lanakai Juice.

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More Physical Therapy Progress

February 3, 2017 Figure skating

My latest physical therapy exercises– lots of ab work! Plus work for hips and balance.

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