After much agonizing I took the plunge and had my Gold Seal freestyle blades taken off my old skates and Skate Science Olympus synchro blades put on:

New Skate Science synchro blades

I love my Gold Seals so it was a hard decision. My whole life I’ve skated in freestyle blades with a similar profile: Coronation Ace, Gold Seal, and Reidell Eclipse. But I’m at the level where most ice dancers make the switch into dance blades, and the long tails on my Gold Seals were becoming a scary hazard. Ice dancing requires your feet to be very close together, “neat feet” as they call it. It’s easy to get your blades tangled together or step on the tail of a blade with the other blade. Those are nasty falls.

I’d asked both my dance coach and one of my local skate techs, who is an Olympian in ice dance, what to do considering that I wanted to skate both dance and freestyle. Both thought I should skate on only one type of blade, not switch back and forth between two pairs of skates with different styles of blades. Both suggested a synchro blade as a good compromise.

I have a massage therapist who is also a former ice dancer (don’t be jealous, now), and I’ve talked this problem over with her. I told her how I kept almost tangling my skates on the outside mohawk of the Fourteenstep, and she told me that she’d taken a bad fall getting her blades caught together on that very same step. That’s when she switched out of freestyle blades and into dance blades. Read the article →


Butternut Squash Dal

May 26, 2017 All Year

A soup experiment that turned out well. It’s about halfway between a butternut squash soop and a toor dal.

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Fourteenstep– Retry!

April 30, 2017 Figure skating

Testing the fourteenstep ice dance at the standard level. I got a re-try and a good idea of what to keep working on.

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Done with PT and Testing the Fourteenstep

April 19, 2017 Figure skating

Finished PT and looking forward to testing my Fourteenstep ice dance!

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April 10, 2017 Breads

A lighter, sweeter adaptation of Jean Pope’s dense, dark and delicious Kavring Swedish rye bread recipe. In addition to rye, I used buckwheat, almond, and whole wheat pastry flour.

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Chocolate Raspberry Bar with Freeze-dried Raspberries

March 31, 2017 Dessert

Simple and delicious chocolate raspberry bar with freeze-dried raspberries.

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Rose Program Redux

March 30, 2017 Figure skating

My first performance in a year, skating my rose program for a small local event.

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Hip Strength Exercises for Skaters: Gluteus Medius

March 14, 2017 Figure skating

Exercises from my physical therapist for gluteus medius strength.

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Açaí Bowl

March 3, 2017 All Year

Brazilian-style açaí bowl as experienced on the North Shore of Oahu.

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February 18, 2017 Figure skating

At three months after two-level back surgery, I’m cleared for normal activities.

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