Sun Valley Eclipse

by Mary on September 10, 2017

Eclipse totality photo by my husband

I’ve always been drawn to natural wonders that bring strangers together in awe, so there was no question that my husband and I would try to see this summer’s total eclipse. Sun Valley, Idaho is Mecca for figure skating in the summer and was also in the path of totality, so it was the obvious choice for us for eclipse day.

My husband and I have sought out astronomical events since we drove, as newlyweds, to the West Texas desert to see Halley’s comet from a dark wilderness sky. Since then we’ve seen the two transits of Venus,  the annual summer Perseids, and a spectacular Leonid meteor storm that was amazing for the fact that we were able to see it at all. Read the article →


Fresh Peach Fig Chutney Garnish

September 9, 2017 Cookbooks

A fresh peach and fig chutney to accompany fish or another protein on the dinner plate.

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Can You Guess Where I Am?

August 20, 2017 Figure skating

Hint: I’m ready for the eclipse! Are you going to watch the eclipse? From where?

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Harlick Boots new out of the box!

August 17, 2017 Figure skating

My new custom Harlick boots right out of the box.

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A Visit to Harlick

August 12, 2017 Figure skating

A visit to the Harlick & Co factory in San Carlos, Ca., to be fitted for new skating boots.

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Eight-Step Mohawk Sequence

July 21, 2017 Figure skating

Notes on learning the outside mohawk and the eight-step mohawk sequence.

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Placating the God of Skating

July 14, 2017 Figure skating

Working on my juvenile moves and the backward power three-turn sequence.

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New Blades with a New Grind

June 28, 2017 Figure skating

Getting used to my new blades and the shallower 1/2″ grind that my skate tech put on them.

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I Survived: My First Week on the Olympus Synchro Blade

May 31, 2017 Figure skating

Making the switch from freestyle blades to shorter, flatter synchro blades.

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Butternut Squash Dal

May 26, 2017 All Year

A soup experiment that turned out well. It’s about halfway between a butternut squash soop and a toor dal.

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