Another fun Sectionals in the bag! I flew to LA last Wednesday so I could work with Coach Gary for a couple of days before he put me on. He has a lot of experience in shows (and as a mascot for the hockey team!) and loves light entertainment programs. He helped me whip my program into better shape.

Not only that, he helped me with my look. I’d gotten advice from my hairstylist on a ’30’s hairstyle that would be easy to do for myself, and I’d gone to Nordstrom’s to get advice from the makeup artists about my face. But I hadn’t gotten a new dress for this program. My dressmaker from previous years ghosted me for unknown, but potentially political, reasons. Read the article →


Skating: Watching, Performing, Testing

February 28, 2018 Figure skating

Getting ready for Sectionals and my juvenile moves test.

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7K Part II: Calling out the Elephant and Talking to Cones

February 15, 2018 Figure skating

Advice from Kori at the 7K Adult Getaway.

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7K Adult Getaway Part I

January 27, 2018 Figure skating

Advice from Kori Ade at the 7K Adult Getaway.

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Pinedale Skating

January 10, 2018 Figure skating

Skating and catching up with my coach in Pinedale, Wyoming

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Juvenile Moves- Signed Up

December 29, 2017 Figure skating

I signed up for an April 5th test of my juvenile moves since the February test session was already full. It seems far away now but I know it will come up more quickly than I think. The back power threes are the hardest move for me on the test and still need work. There […]

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Cream Cheese Watercress Tea Sandwiches

December 18, 2017 All Year

Quick cream cheese watercress tea sandwiches.

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Grand Prix Final Watching Tea Party

December 16, 2017 Figure skating

A Grand Prix of Figure Skating watching party at my house, with tea and a mostly traditional English tea party spread.

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Juvenile Moves: Testing on the Horizon?

December 4, 2017 Figure skating

Picking a date to test my juvenile moves, notes on my eight-step mohawk sequence.

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Next steps on an adult bronze solo free dance

November 29, 2017 Figure skating

Adding some choreography to my adult bronze solo free dance.

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