Stove-grilled Salmon with Green Goddess Sauce

Our family loves my husband’s grilled salmon. He grilled the salmon above on a cast-iron griddle on the stove, eye-balling the doneness. Eye-balling hasn’t worked for me, though, and a beautiful, expensive fish that’s been cooked tough and dry is a sad thing. So I’ve been happy to learn a consistently successful pan-frying method from Becky Selengut’s new, expanded edition of The Good Fish Book.

Like me, Selengut gauges sustainability using the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and favors Alaskan seafood. When Alaska became a state it was written into the state constitution that the catch be sustainably managed. Read the article →


A Bit of Ice Dance

February 3, 2019 Figure skating

Ice dancer Oleg Altukhov’s time in the Northwest. My chance to get a few lessons with him.

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‘Believe’ Holiday Program

December 14, 2018 Figure skating

My holiday figure skating program

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Valley of the Sun Adult Skating Camp: Passed Juvenile Moves

November 25, 2018 Figure skating

Passed my juvenile moves in the field test at the Valley of the Sun Adult Skating Camp.

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My First Pairs Lesson

September 27, 2018 Figure skating

My first, and only so far, pairs lesson with coach Gary.

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Back and Making Plans

August 24, 2018 Figure skating

Back on the ice and once again preparing for a juvenile moves test.

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Sk8 to Eliminate and still working on moves

July 30, 2018 Figure skating

Skating lately: Sk8 to Eliminate Cancer and my holiday program and juvenile moves.

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New Skating Projects

June 14, 2018 Figure skating

Skating with my Ice Buds, in Sun Valley, and at the Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer.

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For the Love of Skating

May 4, 2018 Figure skating

The continuing joys of skating.

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US Adult Championships 2018

April 21, 2018 Figure skating

My experience at the 2018 US Adult Figure Skating Championships.

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