Going to Sectionals

February 28, 2016 Figure skating

A last-minute decision to go to Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals and the attitude I’m trying to cultivate.

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A Lesson in Alignment from Ben Agosto

February 16, 2016 Uncategorized

A skating lesson to help with my knee alignment, from Ben Agosto.

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St. John’s Bread

February 8, 2016 Breads

a loaf of St. John's Bread

A very dense and sweet loaf packed with dates, oats, sesame seeds, also has roasted carob powder and diastatic malt.

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My PT for core stabilization, flexibility, hip strength

January 10, 2016 Figure skating

My PT exercises for core stabilization, hip strength, and flexibility.

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What I Made This Week: Eggnog Cake

December 27, 2015 Uncategorized

eggnog birthday cake

An eggnog cake baked for the December birthday in our family. Dense, rich, with eggnog, eggs, rum, and nutmeg.

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Solstice Sunset

December 25, 2015 Uncategorized

sunset from my house

Savored the joys of fall and early winter– and kept up with the light box.

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Pecan Sandies

December 24, 2015 All Year

pecan sandies (2)

A nostalgic favorite of mine, these Pecan Sandies were made by Wildflour Community Bakery in Ann Arbor. They have whole wheat pastry flour, vanilla, butter, maple syrup and pecans. They are good as a Christmas cookie or anytime.

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Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Pecan Gratin

November 26, 2015 Dinner

sweet potatoes with candied pecans and strawberries

A sweet potato, cranberry, and pecan dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or anytime during cranberry season.

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Apple and Wensleydale with Cranberries Pizza

November 22, 2015 Dessert

Cranberry Wensleydale Honeycrisp pizza

A dessert pizza perfect for late fall with apples, Cranberry Wensleydale, and cranberry sauce.

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IFBC 2015 Part II: Making Connections

November 16, 2015 Uncategorized

the table at our first Seattle Food and Friends gathering

Meeting new friends at IFBC.

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