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Happy Holidays! Solo at Holiday Ice Show

December 23, 2019 Figure skating

Skating my ‘Believe’ program at a community ice show.

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Holiday Attitude Check | Keeping the Holidays Positive

November 28, 2012 Figure skating

Mary doing a scratch spin

Taking a minute here and there to find the joy in some holiday activities. Sometimes it takes me a while– even with activities that I signed up for.

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Getting back to your fitness routine after a break

December 30, 2011 Fitness

How to get on track again after a break in your fitness routine.

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Holiday lifestyle challenges

December 24, 2011 healthy holidays

Dealing with the stress and ever-present special food snacks of the holidays.

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Holiday Stress-Busting: Too Busy to Not Exercise

December 18, 2011 Figure skating

Beating holiday stress with some heart-pumping exercise. Do it, you and your family will both be happier!

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Healthy Holidays: Adapting to Disruptions

December 7, 2011 healthy holidays

Travel and extra-busy times inevitably disrupt fitness routines. I hope you find some way get the stress relief that exercise brings even when your normal workout is impossible. I figure skate, and when traveling I can’t always bring my skates. I walk instead or bring resistance bands, which are light and take up little room […]

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Healthy Holidays: a decent lunch in the car

December 3, 2011 healthy holidays

Healthy choices for a lunch or snack to bring along when you’re out running holiday errands.

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Healthy Holidays: Dinner Fail-Safes

November 27, 2011 healthy holidays

Does someone in your house support your efforts to cook healthy? What are your fail-safes for getting meals on? Can you build in some extra ones for when things go wrong?

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Finding satisfaction at Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011 healthy holidays

My wish for all of you on Thanksgiving is that you will end the day feeling satisfied and yet not discouraged about your health and fitness goals. You’ll have to decide how

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Thanksgiving foods- tradition or change?

November 23, 2011 healthy holidays

What do you really want to make and eat on Thanksgiving? Do you have a choice? Are you obligated to make certain foods, or sit down to a meal prepared by other people?

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